Maurice Jenkens

Develop your leadership style and create high-performing teams

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Maurice is a sales and communications professional, helping other leaders developing their leadership and creating high-performing teams. Members in such teams typically stand-out positively on increased productivity, are more innovative and self-going, have a clearly higher job satisfaction and are more eager to learn on the job. These teams tend to retain their best members.

Expert and consultant in

  • EQ and highly effective communication
  • Creating trust & Psychological safety
  • Visionary work, strategy and sales

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Maurice’s biggest achievements

  1. Successfully transforming 2 teams at Klarna through a period of change, creating 2 high performing teams.
  2. Via his own company, Maurice has executed over 800 hours of training and public speaking sessions on topics EQ, Communication, Leadership and Sales.
  3. He has been working with companies on 3 different continents, in 8 countries among other in the UK and the US and some of his customers are Tele2, Swedbank, Tobii and UK based SharpCloud.

Maurice’s beliefs

  1. Can do. It IS in fact possible to pursue and fulfil your dreams.
  2. Trust your gut. What good has ever come from you going against it?
  3. If you want to move forward quickly with people, then be prepared to take it slowly.

Some of our customers

About Maurice

Redefining what it means to truly see and hear others, speeding up mutual trust, sales and team productivity.

Maurice has led high-performing teams, among other at Klarna. His key expertise areas are in highly effective communication, creating trust and psychological safety as well as a scalable structure. He is also adamant on doing truly meaningful visionary work with continuous strategizing next steps.

Maurice sees that leaders of high performing teams generally experience more wellbeing themselves as a result of a more self-going and satisfied team. These leaders experience their work as a joy and a privilege, being able to create time and energy for forward looking strategy.

High-performing teams show increased productivity in projects, are more self-going and innovative, have a clearly improved job satisfaction and are more eager to learning on the job. These teams tend to retain their best members, whilst the senior ones are more willing helping others raise their level too. You recognise high-performing teams by the team members frequently asking the others in the team: “How can I help?”, without having to rely on their leader for problem solving.

Maurice helps you in finding out the best avenues for you to further develop your leadership style and to create the pillars beneath your high-performing team as well.

During his 22+ years in business, of which 6+ years driving his own company, he been honing his skills in strategy, EQ and effective communication in sales and leadership. He has been working with customers in various industries such as FinTech, SaaS, Energy, Telecom, Real Estate, Recruitment and more.

He is a sales trainer and a Public Speaker on topics EQ, effective communication and Intuition in leadership.


  • Conflict and crisis – managing challenging relationships
  • Leadership – leading teams in change
  • Personal development – effective coaching and mental resilience
  • Psychology – personality types and different types of buyers
  • Sales methodology – Social selling and sales training
  • Sales strategy – structure and processes





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